Our Story

Stronger Than All Leather Company

Our Story

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We are brothers Luke and Shaun and the love of leathercraft runs in our blood. 

Our father, who made leather goods by hand as far back as the 1960s, inspired us from the earliest age with his skill and knowledge, and this naturally brought about our own passion for the craft. Today we create handmade leather goods according to our father’s proud standards, firmly putting our stamp of craftsmanship on everything we do. 

Shaun’s creative influence as a tattooist, combined with Luke’s engineering background, results in a unique blend of art and precision. This is the foundation upon which we design and produce items that are strong, durable, functional and beautiful. 
Or, as we like to say: simple done beautifully well. 

Quality is paramount, of course. And that goes for everything. The finest full-grain leather. The best dyes and oils. The best tools. We cut every pattern with obsessive care, punch every hole meticulously, and ensure our stitching technique is perfect every time. Consistency, after all, is one of the hallmarks of craftsmanship. 

We even produce and supply our own aftercare product – a mix of oils, beeswax and secret ingredients – which ensures that each piece continues to receive much love and care long after its creation.
Everything we make is built to last a lifetime.

Stronger Than All.